VANTAGE: My first book is out in September 2023

In 2008, before I turned 25, I started my first company, Bluechip Technologies with my co-founder and now brother Kazeem Tewogbade. Our foray into business has birthed other companies and stamped our prints across Africa and Europe. Bluechip Technologies currently generates over $60 million in revenue and continues to wax strong as the leading provider for IT solutions. Leadpath and other businesses followed. Voltron Capital is one of the latest in the line of those adventures.   

I have gone ahead to invest in companies which are driving transformative innovation with a combined valuation of over $7bn.   

Just about 10 years ago, I wrote an outline for a book. There was no title, but the outline was vivid enough to help provide some guidance to what is now my first book. Vantage: my life, starting out and startups will be released on the 12th of September 2023. You can pick it from partner bookshops on that day or order on this site and have it delivered then.  

Looking back at that first attempt a decade ago, I wonder what knowledge I thought I possessed that made me think authoring a book at that time in my life, was a good idea. I also felt the same way when I started working on Vantage. Now though, I am ready. I better be, because if you are reading this, it is already too late. 

It has been a lot of sleepless nights, long days, and meetings with my team. We are now about to hand all that work to the world. You can explore this site for more on the book. We have the book’s Introduction and ‘About the book’ to get you started.   

Our hashtag for the book is #VantageSHO. I look forward to the conversations that I hope this book will drive in the months ahead.

Thank you.