Maya Horgan Famodu, Founder Ingressive Capital

Olumide Soyombo is unquestionably the Ron Conway of our ecosystem. Not just an investor who sees every early-stage deal, but a serial operator and a trusted ally of founders and investors alike. His elbows are never sharp, and his doors are always open. The practical, no-nonsense guidance and humble chronology of adventure after adventure will make you laugh, reflect, and inevitably learn–despite his resistance to describe this as a book of instruction. It is most definitely that. And a very effective one indeed.   

I’ve known Olumide for a long while, and we’ve worked on a number of opportunities together, and reading Vantage still left me with jaw dropped due to his Olympic dynamism and ability to hunt and close opportunity in near every industry. Despite the fact this brilliant human has been everything from a club owner to a military man to a computer scientist, consultant, investor, and founder, his story is not only relatable, but portrays the possibility that you too can, if only you take the first step.   

I recommend this book for global founders, anyone looking for motivation or inspiration, investors, and anyone purely seeking a good read. It holds the captivating guidance of  Hard Thing About Hard Things, while providing the practical guidance of a Zero to One. There’s a reason Olumide is not only a friend and ally of the ecosystem, but the most respected angel we have. I invite you to enjoy discovering why.