Ladi Balogun CEO – FCMB Group

Olumide’s life and successes are no accident. This is a man of intention that is on a mission that will impact millions. He has been able to take advantage of the opportunities and often innocuous encounters in life and made something out of what might appear to others as nothing. Early on he describes that part of his purpose with this book is to make people feel it is possible to start things from “zero”. He does this eloquently and in doing so he inspires his reader. But therein lies a subtle beauty of the book and its title. Confusing “zero” with “nothing” is a mistake. Zero is purely a measure of where you are on a scale. Nothing suggests that you exist in a vacuum. None of us does.   

We all have our vantage that we can leverage for personal success and more importantly the betterment of humanity. In other words, we all have something that can take us from zero to our destiny. In this book, Olumide illustrates this beautifully and humbly through a series of humorous educational and thought-provoking life stories.   

Olumide has leveraged his vantage to create a life of immense impact and purpose, at the tender age of 40. What is most admirable is his propensity to pay it forward by writing this book. He is a blessing to Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and therefore to many thousands of families that have benefited from jobs created by his vision and courage. Enjoy and learn from this prodigious change-maker.