Eric Idiahi, Co-founder Verod Capital  

Vantage recounts the life lessons Olumide learned in his school boy days, fascinating stories about his entrepreneurial escapades from email address ‘consultant’, to bus driver to night club owner and more. It showcases his partnership with Kaz at Bluechip Technologies (a great example for the ideal business partnerships). The book provides lessons on how to build a great company like he has done with Bluechip technologies, and details his legendary Tech investing – recognised around the world.   This is truly an Inspiring autobiography with invaluable lessons for start-up founders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, investors, and even parents on how to be great mentors like his father has been to him.     

One of the most inspiring aspects of the book is making the best of what life hands you.   Olumide  had envisaged a different educational path for himself going into university, although it didn’t work out for him,  he maximized the cards he was dealt and extensively leveraged on all available resources he had available to him to develop the foundation of his success.

Olumide has accomplished so much in the Nigerian tech industry at such a young age,  but my gut feeling is that he is just getting started. I can’t wait for Vantage Part II.