About Vantage

Africa is now the land of unicorns, but before unicorns, there were numerous stories that captured the power and pioneering spirit of the continent’s techpreneurs. Enter Olumide Soyombo who discovered the Personal Computer as a teenager and with the nudging of his father, became an entrepreneur. Set against the backdrop of the evolution of Africa’s emergence on the tech scene and the pivotal role and leadership offered by Nigerians and the country’s contemporary culture, Vantage tells the story of Olumide’s pioneering role. With rare insights into the backroom of ventures, balanced with the candour of playing hard, the tales speak to the spirit of partnerships being both business and personal.   

Our story starts from the historic Benin where Olumide is born and spends his early years. It then takes us to Lagos where the family moves to from Benin and we catch a glimpse of Olumide’s entrepreneurial spirit as well as the mischief he is capable of, before docking in Iyana-Offa in idyllic Ibadan where he got his baptism of fire at the Airforce Comprehensive School. We return to Lagos, after which we pivot briefly to the United Kingdom for a vacation job and a master’s degree before finally berthing in Lagos.    

Vantage tells of a life that has been instrumental in creating billions of dollars in value. We follow Olumide’s formation from mischievous boy to a young adult pursuing hedonism and academic excellence side-by-side, to his softening as father and mentor. We learn about setting up his first business with his friend, the growth and expansion of the business from Nigeria to Africa and Europe, and his accidental foray into angel investing and capital venture.  

Across its three books and spanning four decades, Vantage is a candid narration of what has worked for Olumide Soyombo. It tells of the effect of a loving family, faith, books, relationships, and mentorship of good people on his life. However, as is oft repeated throughout the book, it is not a prescription.  

Vantage is Olumide Soyombo’s business memoir. However, it is also a mirror. How so? Because what you see in his stories is influenced by your interpretations.