About the Author

Olumide Soyombo is a key stakeholder in the African technology and startup space, with nearly two decades of experience in building and managing successful businesses and investing in high-impact projects and startups. He is widely recognized for his expertise in strategic partnerships between tech innovators, technological entrepreneurship, and private capital.

As Co-Founder at Bluechip Technologies, Olumide leads strategy, implementation, and projects, working to build the company into a tech industry leader. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in driving the company’s success and positioning it for long-term growth and profitability. Today, Bluechip generates $60 million in annual revenue with offices across nine major European and African cities.

In addition to his work at Bluechip, Olumide is the Founder of Voltron Capital, one of Africa’s most prolific venture capital firms. Under his guidance, Voltron has invested in companies with a combined valuation exceeding $5 billion, driving transformative innovations and ideas in Africa by bridging the gap between the startup stage and market dominance through funding and structural support.

Olumide has invested in many of the leading tech startups in Nigeria, including Paystack (exited at $200 million), Piggyvest, Brass, Moniepoint, Mono, Trove, Lemonade, and over 90 others. His keen sense for identifying potential is evident in his track record as an investor.

Olumide serves on the boards of Lagos Angel Network, Lagos Innovated, and numerous other organizations known for their significant contributions to the African technology ecosystem. In all of his work, he remains committed to pursuing excellence and strategic impact, inspiring others to do the same. Olumide’s contributions to the African technology ecosystem have been invaluable and nothing short of transformative.